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This series is an exploration, a complete exploration, of exercising your choice muscles and it will take you into places you had never thought possible.


Session Titles:


1. What's A Muscle?


2. Just A Perspective


3. It's So Boring We Always Get To Give Everything


4. What Can You Give?


5. Now Were Exploring Choice


6. When You Got It - Flaunt It


7. When You Don't - Hide


8. It's A Shell Game - Which One Do You Choose?


9. Why Can't I Do It? I Do Choose


10. Look Hard - Watch The Muscle Grow


11. Oh My God You're Right - It's Growing


12. There I Told You So


13. What Are We Really Talking About?


14. Why You Mrs. Robinson?


15. Are You Trying To Seduce Me?


16. What If I Was?


17. Come Here Big Boy


18. These Titles Have No Meaning


19. Having Played - Now We Choose


20. See Mom I Got Big Muscles Now


Total listening time: 09:17:00

Exercising The Choice Muscles - Series 758

SKU: 758-c-11
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