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When you think of the concept of empowering the self, you always look for a methodology or technique to do that with; however, none will achieve that because all take from your power. In this series, you will explore certain concepts, constructs, and ideas, as well as opportunities to empower yourselves. You will be guided to your own awareness of your own power.

Includes the following recordings:


1. The Power Of The Mind
An exploration of the mind as a very strong, powerful, and capable tool and how to use the mind in choosing without judgement.


2. Choice And Its Implications
Choice leads us from one perspective, moment, and instant to another, and thus creates movement in our existence.


3. Feel The Power
Using two guided meditations, you are taken on a journey of remembrance to feel your power.


4. Removing The Push-Pull From Power
The daily game of push-pull that we play moves us away from our centre of self/beingness, thereby reducing our ability to choose and command our existence. To empower ourselves, we must step outside of the game.


5. Capitalizing The Assets Of The Self
Gaining an understanding of just what an asset is (fears, loves, talents, and abilities) assists in the expression of these and thus empowerment.


6. Rebuilding The Aspect Of Power
Using a guided meditation on polarity and our enjoyment of it, which moves us away from our centre of beingness, The Wonders help us to choose empowerment.



Total listening time: 5:21:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Empowering The Self - Series 326

SKU: 326-c-02
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