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In this second series on dreams, The Wonders not only recap the first series on dreams (Series 202: Dream Workshop I) but immediately give you a number of meditations to prepare you for the dream state that is necessary in order to explore your dreams. The Wonders show you how your dream state can be used as a tool for creation, and help you to expand your ideas and concepts about creation by giving you possibilities to explore in a dream state. As an added bonus, The Wonders provide you with a glimpse into "The Final Dream".


Let your imagination take you into the limitless direction of this concept.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Let's Recap
The Wonders recap the information presented previously in all the dream series completed to date.


2. Meditations To Prepare The Self
This session contains a number of meditations to help you prepare for the dream state.


3. What Lies Beyond Dreams
A look at what exists outside and beyond the dream state.


4. Another Key To Creation
An exploration of how our dream states can be used as another key to creation.


5. A Glimpse At Possibilities
The Wonders help us to expand our ideas of the possibilities that we can explore in the dream state.


6. The Final Dream
Here, The Wonders help us to understand the final dream once all has been dreamed.


Total listening time: 5:59:00


Recommended series to continue exploration:
Series 202: Dream Workshop I

Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Dream Workshop II - Series 216

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