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This series is an exploration of the concepts that underpin society, that move society from one perspective to another. You'll explore your belief structures on the differences between male and female, parent and child, and left and right filters that define all of society.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Male, Female - What's The Difference? 
We explore our belief structures of the differences between male and female. 


2. Parent-Child Lets Explore 
Parent and child filters define all of society. Shifting beyond this is our goal. 


3. Left, Right - What's Best? 
Left and right polarities move society and ultimately us away from our center and into perspectives of separation 


4. This Way, That Way - Now I Understand 
Change is often viewed as an irrational state, but the constancy and continuity of society is that it changes. 


5. Removing The Limitations Of Society 
Changing the self ultimately changes society. Society reflects our limitations. 


6. Does Utopia Really Exist? 
Utopia is an illusion we create for ourselves keeping us reduced.



Total listening time:05:24:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Diving Deeper Into The Underpinnings Of Society - Series 347

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