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The defining collection of recordings to discover yourself spiritually and translate it into a living, breathing essence in your life. Realize and anchor that you are more than a physical being, more than a mind, more than an ego. The 2017 retreat was an opportunity to realize beyond any doubt that you are what The Wonders call Spirit.


Join the retreat participants for an opportunity to understand your spirituality, reconnect to it directly, and begin manifesting it in your everyday life.


Includes the following recordings:

Day 1
1. Let's Begin The Process Of Introspection
2. What Is Your Self-Definition?
3. What Parts Of Yourself Have You Discovered Missing?


Day 2
4. Where Is The Completeness In All Of This?
5. Interesting Concepts, But Let's Go Further
6. Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall


Day 3
7. Taking A Moment Of Pause
8. Meditation Necessary To Present In The Moment
9. Let's Move The Body A Little


Day 4
10. Why Is Physicality So Limiting?
11. The Mind, The Body And Spirit - The Beginning Of An Exploration
12. The Mind, The Body And Spirit - Continuing Of The Exploration


Day 5
13. The Realness Of Life
14. When Is Reality An Illusion And When Is An Illusion Reality?
15. Regrouping To Create A Greater Expansion


Day 6
16. Are You Ready To Let Go?
17. Discovering The Inner Brilliance That We've Always Talked About
18. Here Is Your New Definition - Let's Explore That


Day 7
19. Anchoring These Concepts So You Can Walk Away Differently
20. Don't Forget The Tools That You've Uncovered For Yourselves
21. Our Gift To You - Each And Every One Of You


Total listening time: 08:38:00


Please note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Discovering Who You Are And Putting Out The Real You - 2017 Retreat

SKU: 1095-r-17
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