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An exploration of a variety of different concepts and constructs that will give you an understanding of your universe and how it works.


Includes the following recordings:


1. Gravity - Is It Real?

2. Push-Pull Of The Universe

3. Let's Explore The Big Bang

4. Exploring The Big Bang: Part 2

5. No, God Did Not Fart

6. It Took A Lot More Than Seven Days

7. When Did Humanity Really Begin?

8. The Seed That Began Consciousness

9. Cause And Effect - Understanding It Better

10. Nuclear Energy - Is It Really Beneficial?

11. Propulsion Systems - An Exploration

12. How And When Will Humanity Travel To Other Solar Systems?

13. Describing The Composite From Which You Came

14. Feelings Of Oneness - Why Do They Exist?

15. If You Could Only See Your Faces Right Now

16. Why Does Electricity Exist?

17. Did Tesla Really Have It?

18. Is Humanity Really Moving Forward?

19. Is Humanity Really Moving Forward: Part 2

20. Choosing A New Consciousness - Is That Possible?


Total listening time: 7:28:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Discovering Understandings That Are Boundless - Series 1007

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