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What if there was no religion in the world?


Presently, religion as a whole is not about empowering its followers. For, if the followers do become empowered, the fear of those who create and sustain today's religion is they themselves would no longer be necessary. So it is best to provide spiritual guidance and solace to humanity while ensuring individuals never truly empower themselves.


This series is being presented now because it's time to shatter the illusions and power religions have over humanity. And for those who have replaced religion with The Wonders teachings, it is also time to shatter your illusions that The Wonders have power over you. As you listen to this series, apply your own sense of empowerment and your own experiences of empowering yourself to ask the deep questions.


The Wonders also provide a certain structure - call it a religion of the future - that would empower its followers. This religion of the future - call it, The Wonders Religion - would present a structure that would offer a sense of contentment, while built-in within it would be the concept of self-empowerment.

Includes the following recordings:


1. What If Religions Did Not Exist?

2. Is There A Void In Your Life?

3. The Beginning Of Understanding

4. The Philosophy That Will Move You Forward

5. Changing The Toxic Atmosphere You're In

6. Just Because You Don't Practice Doesn't Mean?

7. Reframing An Understanding Of Religion

8. Is There A Right Or Wrong Religion?

9. Is Religion Beneficial?

10. Why Explore Religion At All?

11. You, Too, Will Understand More

12. God And Religion? The Anomaly

13. Some Would Say It's An Abomination

14. Let's Not Throw Everything Out

15. Deeper Philosophies Necessary

16. Without Your Investment, Nothing Moves Forward

17. Time, Choice, Love? All Necessary

18. The Main Purpose Of Religious Experience

19. Using This To Move Forward

20. Religion In The Future? What Will It Look Like?


Total listening time: 05:39:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Discovering An Understanding That Goes Beyond Religion - Series 1032

SKU: 1032-c-16
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