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The Wonders assist you to get into aspects of yourselves that you have been setting aside; parts of yourselves that still have difficulty, that still haven't been resolved, that are festering, and, as a result, come back and, every now and again, hurt you. Much like a sore does. The exploration will revolve around anger and the impact of its denial to the self and aspects of society itself.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Let's Be Happy Before We're Angry

2. Can We Really Speak To The Core Essence Of Yourselves?

3. Discovering The Underlying Psychology

4. Are You Angry – Or Are You Simply Not Present?

5. Why Deny That Which You Are?

6. Choosing To Expand The Flavor Of Your Denial

7. Do We Have To Talk About This Again?

8. The Impact Of Anger To Society

9. Exploring The Present Psychology Of The World

10. Acceptance And Denial – Are They Different?

11. You Can Choose This – But Do You Want To?

12. I'm Going To Push You – Watch Mern

13. I Can Resist All I Want – Make Mern

14. No You Can't

15. Finding The Keys To Unlock The Self Psychologies

16. Technique For Assistance In Moving Forward

17. Give Yourself The Freedom – Go Ahead

18. Oh You're Just An Angry Person

19. No I'm Not – No, I'm Not – No I'm Not

20. Yes You Are – Yes You Are – Yes You Are


Total listening time: 6:24:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Digging Into The Denial Of Your Anger - Series 824

SKU: 824-c-12
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