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This series isn't about going outwards; it's about going inwards. Each and every one of you is on a journey of exploration. To one degree or another, you want to explore existence. Some of you have explored it by going outwards, trying out new things in the world, moving, changing, altering, new jobs, new careers, new businesses, new relationships. But, ultimately, there's been something missing; an ingredient that just wasn't there. And all of you are looking for that ingredient. But your search has been directed in a direction that ensures you will never find the ingredient. This series is designed to assist you in redirecting yourselves in going back to the beginning of yourselves, back to the creation of yourselves, back to that which began that which you are. And to do that, you must go inwards.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Looking Inward As A Methodology Of Change

2. Coming Together To Learn More

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

4. Choose, Choose, Choose

5. Change, Change, Change

6. Look In The Mirror - You're Different


Total listening time: 5:00:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Digging Deeper - The Holes Getting Larger - Series 501

SKU: 501-c-06
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