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What is the self? What comprises the self? What is the totality of that which you are? This particular series will explore every aspect of the self beyond the physical, ego-personality perspective. You will explore continuity and constancy of existence. You will also learn about a new sense called the "sense of awareness". This is also the first series in which The Wonders begin the process of involving you interactively in the process of growth. You will notice a shift in the way The Wonders present information.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Expansion To The All
Here we learn about a new sense called the "sense of awareness".


2. Brilliance To Be
A look at how our attachments reduce our brilliance, and it's our brilliance that allows us to create.


3. Movement And Acceptance
We must be willing to accept our movements in existence in order to allow ourselves to move again.


4. Observe The Observable
By observing the observable, we allow ourselves to explore our sense of awareness.


5. The Key Of Creativity
The key of creation is the essence of existence, and being at one with this essence allows us to create.


6. Love Without Limits
We are limitless essences of existence, and if we love ourselves and others as such, we expand our experience of existence.


Total listening time: 6:29:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Defining The Totality Of The Self - Series 237

SKU: 237-c-01
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