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In the last workshop, The Wonders explored the movement beyond religious perspectives. Now, having explored, understood, discovered an understanding that goes beyond religion, what will the next movement of humanity be after religion?


Consider, for example, that the concept of monogamy has, in effect, harmed the expansion of humanity and that it will – eventually – become a concept of choice, not a concept of law. Stretch yourself with this amazing series and define a new movement for humanity.


Includes the following recordings:


1. First Religion, Now Movement. What’s Next?

2. Is Humanity Really Ready?

3. Why Are We Still Fighting?

4. Is Conflict Inevitable?

5. How To Resolve Differences

6. Why Is Religion That Holds Humanity Back?

7. Are All Perspectives Created Equal?

8. Given Time, Will More Come About?

9. Diplomacy, Politics – Will They Continue?

10. Laying The Framework For A New Concept For Humanity

11. This Is How You Can Exist

12. There Will Be No Title To This Session

13. Why Is Choice Not Moving?

14. Expanding The Understandings Explored

15. The Rights Of Each Human Being

16. Greater Than, Lesser Than Perspectives – Will They Continue?

17. How Long Before This Happens?

18. The Possibilities and Probabilities Moving Forward

19. Creating A New Forum For Discussion

20. Please Sir, I Want More


Total listening time: 05:45:00


Please note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Defining A New Movement For Humanity - Series 1036

SKU: 1036-c-16
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