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This series is an exploration, as the title says, of daring to live your dream. Come prepared with concepts and constructs and ideas of what your dream for your life is.


Session Titles:


1. Let's Explore Your Dream

2. What's Holding You Back?

3. Dig A Little Deeper - You Haven't Gone Far Enough

4. Letting Go. It's Easy

5. Where Does Your Vision Fit Into Your Dream?

6. Going Beyond The Dare

7. Gaining The Courage Necessary To Choose

8. Choosing To Flex Those Muscles Again

9. How Does Your Dream Fit In Within Everything Else?

10. The Communal Dream And You

11. You Are The One - Don't Fear It

12. Owning Your Power To Live Your Dream

13. Do You Know Who You Really Are?

14. Giving Yourself Permission To Uncover The Gems

15. Here's The Pick - Here's The Shovel - Start Digging

16. What? - You Need Dynamite?

17. The Banality Of Choice - Yes It Applies

18. Choosing With The Joy Of Self

19. Reviewing The Dream - This Is It

20. Sharing This Dream With Everyone Else


Total listening time: 07:37:00

Daring To Live The Dream - Series 769

SKU: 769-c-11
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