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So, basically, this is an exploration of how many illusions you have and to what degree you choose not to make them real or make them real. - The Wonders

Session Titles:


1. What Is An Illusion?

2. Is It Really Real?

3. Why Have We Said This?

4. Why Have You Said This?

5. What Are We Doing?

6. We Don’t Know, Do You?

7. This Is What’s Going To Happen – We Are Going To…Sneeze

8. All Of This Is An Illusion – What More Is There?

9. Discovering Beyond This

10. Digging Into The Hole – Oh, There Is No Hole

11. But There Was A Hole

12. How Come There’s No Hole Now?

13. But There Is Still A Hole

14. Where Is The Hole?

15. There’s The Hole

16. That’s A Hole?

17. Are You Sure?

18. I’m Pretty Sure

19. That Doesn’t Look Like A Hole

20. All Of This Was Fun


Total listening time: 06:01:00

Creating The Illusion That Becomes Real - Series 988

SKU: 988-c-15
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