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This series is a complete exploration, to gain clarity of vision, while at the same time, bringing an awareness of that which is our vision to you.

All sessions were originally recorded in Dolby Digital Format.


This Series contains the following recordings:

1. Exploring The Present Vision

2. Redefining The Vision

3. Moving Beyond The Vision

4. Choosing To Dig Into The Inner Self

5. Exercises To Clear The Self

6. Changing The Self As Required

7. Sounds That Will Impact The Totality

8. Eliminating The Confusion Created By The Self

9. Going Beyond The Minds Judgments Into The Brilliance

10. Choosing Love As A Methodology Of Existence

11. Exploring The Universal Mystery Of The Visions

12. Coming Together To Explore The Universal Vision

13. Infusing Energy Into The Oneness

14. Bringing The All That Is Into The Now

15. Choosing To Manifest Lifes Vision

16. Exploring Beyond The Limitations Created In This Workshop

17. Losing Control, Moving Into Absolute Command (Chuckle, Chuckle)

18. Moving Beyond The Absoluteness Of Command

19. Expanding The Vision Beyond All Things Chosen

20. Exercising The Visionary Muscle

21. Glimpsing The Universal Imagination

22. We Are Your Vision

23. The End

24. The Beginning

25. The Middle

26. The Outward Expression Of All That's Been Said Previously

27. Choosing Fun And Applying It To The Vision

28. Command All That You Are


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Creating The Clarity Of The Vision Of The Self - Series 702

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