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This series is an exploration of peace, its concepts, its effects, the limitations, the structures, that which holds it back, that which allows it, and a probability of creating a, call it an amalgamation, of humanity in one goal.


Session Titles:


1. Living Together

2. Looking At Differences

3. Holding On To The Frame Of Reference

4. Changing The Direction Of Humanity

5. What Will It Take For Peace To Exist?

6. Individual Choices Lead To Results

7. How Can Countries Help Each Other?

8. What Is The Benefit Of Love?

9. What Body Will It Take To Help Humanity?

10. Is The United Nations Still Valid?

11. Let's Come Together And Shift The Psychologies

12. Intransigence And Its Effects On Choice

13. Given Opportunities - What Will You Choose?

14. Change Is Inevitable - Give It Up

15. Complicating The Realm Of Diplomacy

16. Let's Cut Through The Illusions That Hold You Back

17. Peace Will Never Exist If You Cannot Change

18. Individual Choices For Humanity

19. Group Choices For Humanity

20. Is Humanity Ready For A New World Order?


Total listening time: 08:19:00

Creating Peace In The World - Series 794

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