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What is your idea of friendships? What is a friend? In this series led by Réné, you will explore the concept of friendships. This series forms the foundation for everything you are going to explore in 2014 - 2017.

Includes the following recordings:


1. So What's A Friendship?

2. Why Do I Need Others?

3. What's So Special About Everybody Else?

4. Can't It Is Just This Way?

5. Do I Really Need Friends?

6. Isn't Life Better Without Them?

7. What are The Limits?

8. Why Can't I Get This?

9. I'll Be Your Friend If You'll Be Mine, You Go First Though

10. Can't Figure This Out, Do I Really Want To?

11. Do I Really Have To Like You?

12. If I Like You - Do I Have To Do This With You?

13. Why Do I Have To Be Your Friend - Why Can't You Be My Friend?

14. Why Is It So Difficult To Have More Friendships?

15. If I Want You To Be My Friend Do I Have To Do Anything For It?

16. Does It Have To Start From Me?

17. Can't Figure This Out, Will I Ever?

18. Is Creating Friendships With Others Really Worth It?

19. I Open My Mind, I Open My Heart, And I Create

20. Moving On To New Friendships


Total listening time: 11:40:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Creating Friendships With Others - Series 891

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