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Explore your patterns and the recalcitrant desire to stick to them. Learn how to shift them.

Session Titles


1. What Is Your Present Pattern?

2. Reinforcing It – Or Exploring It?

3. Breaking Apart The Glue That Holds It Together

4. Uncovering A Little Bit More

5. Moving Again Towards Freedom

6. Repetition Again – Oh Yes

7. One Foot In Front Of The Other – You'll Get There

8. Is It That Easy To Change?

9. Removing The Shackles That Hold You Back

10. Pick One – Pick Two

11. Pick Three – Pick Four

12. No More Picking – You're Not Going Anywhere

13. Patterns Once Again – Aren't You Giving Up Yet?

14. Is It Really This Difficult Or Are You Just Playing?

15. Oops – I Think I Slipped

16. Is That A Banana – Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

17. I Can't Afford Change

18. But A Chevrolet Won't Do It

19. Yes But The Japanese Are Involving Themselves

20. Oh Heck – Let's Buy The Building


Total listening time: 11:44:00

Creating An Alternative Thought Pattern And Living It - Series 900

SKU: 900-c-13
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