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Each of us, to one degree, chooses to create a movement towards greater integration of our spirituality with our physicality. Oftentimes, this grand choice as described by The Wonders is a soul experience and requires a command of the mind to create.
This powerful series will help you realize how easily this can be done and guide you to overcome the struggles and blockages you've created for yourself in doing so.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Shall We Put A Bull's-Eye On You?
2. What Is Your Goal?
3. Is This What You Look To Achieve In Life?
4. On Your Deathbed, What Do You Want?
5. Please, Express Yourselves
6. Let The Expression Be Free
7. What Is It That Is Holding You Back Again?
8. Can't You Live Without Fear?
9. You Have Given Yourselves Some Permission
10. Have You Given Yourself Permission?
11. Destructing In Order To Create
12. Why Must The Process Be Breaking Down First?
13. What Limit Are You Exploring Now?
14. The Limits, The Boundaries, The Psychologies, And The Beliefs
15. If That Wasn't Enough, There Is More
16. Take A Paintbrush And Let's Paint
17. That Was Rhetorical, Wasn't It?
18. Why Do You Look Outside Of Yourselves For Solutions?
19. Can You Really Hit What You Want?
20. Is Creating A Goal Really Valuable?

Total listening time: 6:06:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Creating A Target For All To Aim For - Series 1212

SKU: 1212-c-19
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