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Complete collection of the 2017 Tuesday study group.
This will be an exploration of the very essence of your spirituality. You will develop a vision you will keep with you as you move into an expansion of yourselves as a human being, as a spiritual essence incarnated, and as an ego-personality and mind over the next three years.

Includes the following recordings:


1. What Is Your Spirituality Now? (January)
2. Where Do You See Yourselves Moving Forward To? (February)
3. If You Had A Choice, Would You Choose This? (March)
4. Given The Movement You Have, What Is Next? (April)
5. Is Spirituality So Hard? (May)
6. Love Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Friend Really? (June)
7. If I Am, What Are You? (July)
8. Can This Really Change The World? (August)
9. Digging Into The Concepts Of Love (September)
10. Moving Forward By Leaps And Bounds (October)
11. Gaining A New Understanding Of What's Left To Move To (November)
12. We've Given You Titles, Now Let's Give You Direction (December)

Total listening time: 7:35:00

    Creating A Spiritual Vision For The Next Three Years - Study Group 1113

    SKU: 1113-c-17
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