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This will be a beginning exploration of what you have, a sharing of what can be, a discussion of possibilities and probabilities and suggestions for further exploration.

Session Titles:


1. Enough - It Is Time To Move Forward

2. Seven Statements – So Much More To Explore

3. For You To Choose To Apply

4. More Direction Provided

5. Life Is Like Cherries – They Grow Everywhere

6. No – There Are No Pits To Life

7. Ask Us Something New

8. Please – Beyond What You Already Know

9. Moment Of Discovery – Moment Of Understanding – Lifetime Of Exploration

10. Bridge Beyond Troubled Waters

11. New Ideas About The Universe

12. Shaking Up Dogma In All Aspects

13. Giving More Understanding

14. Redefining Existence As Understood

15. New Movement – New Concepts – New Constructs

16. You Cannot Change Without Will

17. We Are Not Interested In Defining Your Life

18. These Are Suggestions And Possibilities – Choose Them If You Will

19. Giving A Broader Understanding Of Our Choices

20. A Further Exploration Will Continue


Total listening time: 05:35:00

Creating A Milestone That Will Last Centuries – Series 935

SKU: 935-c-14
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