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Each and every one of us want to explore and move through life with love. Yet we fear loving ourselves so much that we never achieve this. The Wonders help us to understand that as long as we allow our minds to define love, which is a narrow definition based on moral and religious concepts, we will always see ourselves as separate and therefore unable to truly love.
In this profound series that expands concepts of control, command, and self-love, you will be taken on a journey to realize what it means to create a loving environment.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Let's Begin The Process Of Creation
2. Moving Past The Illusions You're Using
3. Stop Defining, Start Choosing
4. Reviewing Your Limitations And Boundaries
5. Though Psychologies Are Useful, They Are Not Everything
6. You Can't Explain It, But It Is Moving
7. You Have Just Begun, Don't Stop Now
8. Question And Answer: What Is Your Choice?
9. Spiking A Drink, Spiking Life
10. To Truly Explore You Must Release
11. Give Yourself Love
12. Don't Forget To Appreciate Your Choices
13. Develop An Ability To Appreciate
14. Look Behind You, Look Around You, Look Ahead Of You
15. Give Yourself That Which You Want Others To Give
16. This Has Been Explored Many Times
17. No Matter How Much You Try, Nothing Can You Buy
18. This Is A Beginning, But It Must Be Expanded On
19. Do Not Hesitate To Love Yourself
20. Recreate The Creation That You Are

Total listening time: 6:13:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Creating A Loving Environment To Explore - Series 1196

SKU: 1196-c-19
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