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Where does the joy you are seeking come from?
In this powerful series, The Wonders explore your judgments and definitions around joy, why you limit your experience of it, and remind you that to truly live with joy, you must choose for it is in the space between choices that judgments and definitions live.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Exploring The Concept Of Joy
2. Redefining The Definitions
3. Can't Yet Understand It, Can You?
4. What Is It About Joy That Is So Difficult?
5. The Comprehension Fails
6. But You Will Move Past Your Judgments
7. Realizing Your Limitations
8. Gaining Awareness Step By Step
9. You Too Can Achieve Joy
10. Realize The Beauty That Is Surrounding You
11. Don't Play At This Game
12. Judgment Will Stop You From Gaining Joy
13. Don't Use Your Illusions To Define Things
14. The Failure Of Humanity Is Lack Of Joy
15. Move Beyond This Illusion
16. Reevaluate Your Existence
17. Are You Choosing?
18. The Joy Is In The Choice, Nothing Else
19. Give Yourselves The Opportunity To Expand
20. If Joy Is Choice And Choice Is Life, Then Live

Total listening time: 5:26:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Creating A Life That Is Reflective Of Joy - Series 1157

SKU: 1157-c-18
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