This retreat demonstrates what it means to dig into core belief structures, clarify your own personal vision for your life, and the conscious and unconscious ways you still stop yourself from bringing this vision to life.

This is an exploration of living consciously and the pitfalls and the ease with which you can choose to do so and the degrees of your own resistance and the uncovering of your choices to move forward and your desires, and most of all your willingness to be conscious.


Includes the following recordings:
1. What Are You Waiting For?
2. Delay Will Not Make It Easier
3. The Gift You're Giving Yourself
4. Reawaken To The Reality Of Yourself
5. Great Minds Don't Always Think Alike
6. Understanding The Benefits Of Choice
7. You've Heard This All Before, And Yet Still
8. Why Can You Not Hear The Things Said To You?
9. Selective Processing Doesn't Help You
10. Now, For Questions
11. Use Your Answers For Exploration
12. Conscious Living Is Not That Difficult
13. Why Not Be In Charge Of Your Life?
14. The Illusions That You Use To Hide From Yourself
15. The Illusions Run Deep, How Many More Are There?
16. Drink From The Goblet Of Knowledge
17. Open Your Mind To Listen To Yourself
18. A Practical Exploration Of Opening Your Mind
19. More Questions From The Audience
20. Now, Exercises To Apply This
21. Uncovering Your Resistance
22. A Review Of Your Progress

Total listening time: 15:30:00


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Conscious Living And Its Benefits - Series 1280

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