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You are constantly letting your mind communicate the negativity, fear, judgment, and guilt of yourself. The self-image you create is therefore based on negativity. Until you realize this is a very conscious way and observe the communication that's taking place, you will maintain constant, negative communication to yourself, of yourself, by yourself.

In this empowering 6-hour series of audio recordings, The Wonders guide you to observe your self-communication and realize your interconnectivity to all that surrounds you. For those who have listened to the vulnerability series, this series is a must!

Includes the following recordings:

1. The Difficulty In Communicating
2. You Are What You Say You Are
3. Understanding The Impact Of Expression
4. Digging Into The Absoluteness Of Yourself
5. Coming Up From Behind, Having Fun With It
6. The Interrelationship Of The Direct To The Indirect
7. Coming Up With New Constructs And Ideas
8. Moving Into A Perspective Of The Unknown
9. Setting Aside That Judgment, That Definition
10. Given Brilliance, What Do You Do Next?
11. Making Choices That Would Move You Past Your Mind
12. Exploring Past The Universal Construct
13. This, Too, Is The Direction
14. Saying The Same Thing And Saying It Again
15. Creation of A New Perspective
16. Touching On The Very Fabric Of Your Existence
17. Reinforcing The Interconnectivity Of Yourself To The All That Is
18. Moving Into The Out
19. Moving Further Within
20. A Reexamination Of What You've Gained From This Workshop

Total listening time: 6:04:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Communicating With All Parts Unknown - Inside And Outside - Series 1108

SKU: 1108-c-17
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