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This series presents a new psychology for parenting children. Under the present psychology, the parent is not just the guide to the child, they are the gatekeepers. They are the ones that decide, choose, protect, define, and judge that which is acceptable to expose the child to. As a result, the child’s experience is limited by the parent’s limitations. And the resultant is you have children that grow into adults, who become parents, who propagate the same limitations of their own parents, plus a few that they’ve picked up on their own into their children, who then grow up to be parents, who propagate those limitations on to their children, plus a few they’ve picked up on their own, and so on. And you’re finding that society as a whole is becoming more and more constrained, more and more limited.


In this series, The Wonders help you realize a new way of creating the dynamic between parent and child. The key to this series is: do you want to add more limitations to life - yours and your children’s - or are you prepared to let go more than you have. You’ll have opportunity to explore, to delve deeply into yourselves to start letting go of the psychologies that you already have.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Exploring The Present Psychology Of The Relationship

2. Redefining The Movement Of Energy Between Parent And Child

3. Re-Parenting The Self

4. Answering Questions About Your Relationship

5. New Methodology For Parenting The Child

6. Practical Application Of The New Psychology

7. Detailing The Movement Forward


Total listening time: 4:03:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Choosing To Expand Parent/Child Relationships - Series 798

SKU: 798-c-11
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