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Choosing The Impossible - Study Group 1364

Excerpt from Session #1317-01-22: Reviewing The Current Status Quo

Complete collection of the 2022 Tuesday study group.

The 2022 Tuesday study group is an exploration of choosing your power over your illusions, realizing your ability over your fears, grasping your reality past the illusions and coming to a realization of who you are.

Includes the following recordings:

  1. Reviewing The Current Status Quo 

  2. Given Your Understandings, What Are You Willing To Choose?

  3. Stop Creating The Blockages That You Don’t Want 

  4. Practical, Pragmatic Suggestions That You’re Not Willing To Accept

  5. Well, Look At Him Go – His Eyes Are Moving 

  6. Where Does Humor Help?

  7. So, Too, Shall This Be 

  8. Oh Captain, My Captain, What Do I Choose? 

  9. Stop Asking. You Must Own It.

  10. Own Your Power, Own Your Self

  11. The Greater Appreciation Of Your Brilliance

  12. God, Grant Me Serenity To Be Myself

Total listening time: 9:51:00

Choosing The Impossible - Study Group 1364

SKU: 1364-c-22
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