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Experience the 2009 Annual Retreat.
A continuation of the previous retreats - especially the 2007 Retreat: The Illusion Of Consciousness - Choosing Freely Consciously is the next step in the process. Join the audience as participants dig deeper to anchor free choice. Be in the room as they move beyond the mental idea of free choice and realize the full awareness of what it means to choose freely. Participants were also given a number of gifts, as well as the designation of Apprentice Teacher: Level 1 as part of The Wonders Teacher Program. 

Includes the following recordings:

1. A Review Of Free Choice
2. An Exploration Of Expansion
3. Defining The Self And Aligning It
4. Alignment Of Choice To Others
5. Becoming One With Desire And Choice
6. Imagination, Desire, And Choice. How Do They Relate?
7. Looking Beyond The Self And Yet Within
8. Please Help Me I Don't Know How To Choose
9. You Are Choosers. Practice It. 
10. Loving The Self Completely To Let Go
11. Jumping Off The Cliff. Whoops No Wings
12. Playfully Flying Before You Hit The Ground
13. You Are The Energy Of Choice. Look Within
14. Is Choosing Freely The Same As Choosing Freely. Chuckle, Chuckle
15. Life Is A Blast. Go For It
16. Looking Beyond The Self To Practice
17. Exercises In Free Choice
18. A Presentation Of Gifts
19. Using The Gifts Given
20. Loving The Choices Made
21. Defining The Reality That You Exist In
22. Exploring Reality From The New Perspective Of Choosing Freely
23. Don't Know The Number Of This Session
24. Using Consciousness To Explore Beyond The Self
25. You Are The Examples For Others To Follow
26. Applying Thought To The Process
27. Is Choosing Doing Or Is It Just Thinking
28. Reviewing Progress
29. Letting Go Of Judgment To Choose Freely
30. You Are The Expansion. You Are The Choice
31. Another Gift Given
32. Time To Play
33. Playing With Each Other. Exploring Whats Left
34. Bringing New Awareness To Others
35. Becoming The Teachers That You Are
36. Congratulations You Are All Teachers


Total listening time: 022:04:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Choosing Freely Consciously - April 2009

SKU: 658-r-09
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