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The Wonders help you choose a new way of living life while changing your habits and psychologies to expand into a fuller existence.

This workshop explores what it means to go from where you presently are - living a life of happiness with moments of pain and sorrow, or even a completely negative life - to a life of contentment. What will it take to move there? When you're content, does that mean you have sorrow and pain and happiness? Or not?

The first order of business is to invest yourself fully into this moment, for you cannot observe your contentment if you're not fully present.

Includes the following recordings:


1. A Review Of Life At Present

2. Given These Understandings, What's Next

3. Practical, Pragmatic Explorations Of Life

4. This Is The Choice, Now Let's All Do It

5. Can You Give Us More

6. What Are You Afraid Of, Living Better?

7. Giving In To The Inner Desire

8. You Can Explore Deeper If You Let Go

9. Next Time Move Beyond Thinking

10. New Thoughts To Explore

11. Nervousness Will Not Help

12. Anchoring New Concepts And Beliefs

13. What Have You Learned So Far

14. Are You Using It Or Just Talking About It

15. Help Each Other To Gain More

16. Don't Give Up Yet

17. Final Movements To Change

18. Being Different Is Wonderful

19. Last But Not Least

20. Final Gasp Now Explore


Total listening time: 04:56:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Choosing A New Way Of Living - Series 1019

SKU: 1019-c-16
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