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This series, recorded during the 2008 Wednesday study group, will explore choices, consequences, and results. They will lead you in a progression to show you the many pathways open to you. And as part of this exploration, you will begin to realize not just the expansion of yourself to the past, present and future as a oneness, but you will also begin to realize the power you have to change all of existence around you.

Includes the following recordings


1. How Do You Feel Now?

2. Where Will You Be In December?

3. Choices To Make - Explorations To Follow

4. The Consequence Of Not Choosing

5. You Are The Reality Of Your Own Choices

6. Reviewing The Results


Total listening time: 5:04:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Choices And Consequence Lead To Results - Series 640

SKU: 640-c-08
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