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Experience the 2010 Annual Retreat.

This unprecedented exploration offers a complete examination of choice and all of its benefits. Be in the room as participants get naked with their emotions and look past the illusions they use to justify their actions. Join the audience as they learn to choose differently. 

Includes the following recordings:

1. The Fun Has Just Begun
2. Now I'm Feeling Really Blue
3. I Think I'll Climb That Tree
4. Oh I See The Door
5. I Think I'll Try A Dive
6. Can We Play With Those Sticks? 
7. Let's Try This Moving To Heaven
8. I See That Little Gate
9. We Think We're All Doing Fine
10. Where's That Pen Again?
11. Let's Move Again
12. Now We Really Have To Choose
13. The Benefits Are Showing
14. Let's Explore Deeply
15. Try As You Might
16. To Be Advised
17. Don't Know If I Got It Right
18. I Can't Believe It's True
19. I Told You It Was True
20. Yes I Know It's You
21. Let's Start Again
22. It's All Just Begun
23. I'm Climbing That Tree Again
24. There I See The Door Again
25. Give Me That High Fever
26. I've Almost Got It Right
27. I'm Going Through The Gate Again
28. There's That Choice - I'm Moving Towards In
29. The Benefits Are Showing
30. I'm Finally There - I Think I've Got It
31. I Can't Quite Figure It Out - Tell Me Again
32. Why Can't We Just Do It Two By Two?
33. This Is You And Me
34. I Just Got Kicked Out The Door
35. I'm Taking My Final Dive
36. Dear God I Finally Made It To The Sticks


Total listening time: 024:00:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.


Choice And Its Benefits - July 2010

SKU: 716-r-10
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