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Complete collection of the 2009 Thursday study group entitled, Changing Your Life Now.

This series of studies will be about changing the life you live through the exploration of limiting psychologies. This will be a complete exploration of your life, ways to exist, limitations that you use, abilities, opportunities to change. It will be about creating a new movement to exist differently.

Includes the following recordings:

January - 1. Defining Where You Are At Right Now
February - 2. What's Holding You Back Now?
March - 3. Creating The Permissions For Change
April - 4. Digging In The Underlying Psychologies
May - 5. What Life Do You Choose?
June - 6. Spiritual Concepts To Expand Life
July - 7. Living Large
August - 8. Debunking Morality And Religion In Life
September - 9. Ten Principles To Exist By
October - 10. Applying The Freedom That Life Offers
November - 11. Enjoying The Creation
December - 12. Setting The Stage For The Complete New Movement

Changing Your Life Now - Study Group 688

SKU: 688-c-09
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