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This series will help you bring about a new concept for your societies, a new way of living. It will give you the basics of a new book that you can use to popularize the way society can live and you will have the input into it. So we would encourage all – world leaders, politicians, business people, religious leaders – don’t look at the medium and fear it. Look at the opportunity and choose it.

Session titles:


1. Laying The Framework For What's To Come

2. Moving Forward With Major Choices

3. Speaking To The Leaders Of The World

4. Discussion Of The New Society

5 Removing The Doubts And Fears That Are Presented

6. Coming Together As One

7. Presenting A Model That You Can Live With

8. Opening The Floor To New Ideas

9. Stopping The Criticism - Limiting The Judgment

10. Changing The Mentality Of The Battle

11. Inclusivity Not Harm

12. Expanding The Education Of Humans

13. Bringing Together Resources For The Common Movement

14. Rules To Apply To Life Itself

15. Can You Live With This Expression Of Love?

16. Incorporating Religion Into The Mix

17. Are All The Leaders Present? Why Do You Doubt Yourself?

18 The New Society As You've Created It

19. Tools To Help You In The Expansion And Application Of This Society

20. We Too Will Follow


Total listening time: 09:49:00

Changing The World Now - Series 777

SKU: 777-c-11
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