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All of you have limits. Some limits allow you to explore. Some limits bind you into a certain form of exploration and hold you there, and don't let you go beyond it. The point of this particular workshop is to explore those that bind you; those that stop you from change. Of course, as any good S&M would tell you, better to use silk to bind you than anything else. So, you're looking for those bindings that, though viewed as soft, gentle things by your mind, are so strong that they hold you into psychologies, belief structures, patterns, and constructs that your self would prefer to change.

Includes the following recordings:


1. Please, Use Silk

2. No Handcuffs, Not Yet

3. Oh, Put Away The Whip

4. Darn, I Did It Again

5. Tie Me Up And Throw Me Over Your Shoulder

6. Just Don't Spank Me

7. Well, Maybe A Little Spanking

8. I'm Yours, Are You Mine?

9. Can't Discover This Alone

10. The Mattress Is Soft, The Sheets Are Silky, What's Next?

11. All Tied Up And Nowhere To Go

12. Given Your Reaction, What Else Are We Going To Talk About?

13. Yes Mistress, I'm Yours

14. Yes Daddy, I'm Yours

15. Going Beyond Role-Playing

16. There Is A Fire In My Belly

17. And It's Not The Burning Bush

18. You, Too, Can Tie Me Up

19. But Only When I Choose

20. Learn To Say No, Know When To Say Yes, And Remember I Choose


Total listening time: 6:14:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Changing The Limits That Bind The Self - Series 999

SKU: 999-c-15
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