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Explore the attitudes and habits that limit in the second workshop of 2015.


"This will be an exploration of expansion, of inclusivity from one perspective, but expansion mainly that will lead you to inclusivity." - The Wonders

Session Titles:


1. Let’s Begin The Exploration

2. Do You See Yourself Differently?

3. What Have You Come To Realize About Yourself?

4. There Is More – Keep Digging

5. Understanding The Psychologies That Limit Your Exploration Right Now

6. You, Too, Can Explore Differently

7. Here’s A Shovel, Here’s A Pick – Which One Are You Going To Use?

8. Given The Latitude And The Limitlessness, Where Do You Go?

9. Rediscovering Your Reason For Being

10. Defining Definition From A New Perspective Of Definition

11. Given That Definition, What Definition Would You Like?

12. Is That The Only Definition That You Can Define?

13. Enough Of Definition, Let’s Just Choose

14. But You Must Choose A Definition Before You Can Choose

15. But I Have Chosen, Isn’t That The Definition?

16. Ah, But This Is A New Definition, What Have You Chosen?

17. But I’ve Chosen – What Have I Chosen?

18. No, You Haven’t Chosen – Yes You Have

19. Given All That I’ve Chosen, Isn’t That The New Definition?

20. This Is The Definition That Will Move You Forward To The Next Workshop


Total listening time: 05:06:00

Changing The Attitude That Limits - Series 975

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