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Most people see themselves as subjugated to the whims of reality. Even though they change certain psychologies, they never get to the core essence of what real empowerment is.
In this series, The Wonders take you on a profound journey to help you realize that to be a creator, you must change your relationship to reality to realize you are the chooser of reality, not the victim.

Includes the following recordings:

1. Defining Reality So That It Is Easily Understood
2. Moving Past The Grain Of Knowledge That You Have
3. Taking A Step Towards Independence
4. Creating More
5. The Change That Is Coming
6. Why Is Change So Difficult?
7. Given The Illusions Of Reality And The Steps To Be Taken, What's Next?
8. Moving Through Without Fear, Judgment, Or Guilt
9. Does That Mean Little Steps Or Big Steps?
10. A Step Defined Is A Step Not Taken
11. What Are The Rules To Changing Reality?
12. If Third Dimensional Reality Exists
13. Why, Then, Are We Stuck?
14. The Logic Behind The Logic That Created The Logic Of Reality
15. Movements, Shifts, And Alterations
16. Grant The Wisdom To Choose
17. Why Not Recreate? Wouldn't That Be Best?
18. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
19. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
20. Reviewing An Understanding That Goes Beyond The Mind

Total listening time: 5:48:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Changing Reality One Step At A Time - Series 1142

SKU: 1142-c-18
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