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Change Reality At Will - Series 1363

Excerpt from Session #1363-01-22: What Is Reality?

This is an exploration – a final exploration – of spirituality, yourselves, the movement towards reconnecting and understanding and reawakening to your own self-awareness and basically giving yourselves permission to move forward from there.

In this series, The Wonders provide a new and extraordinarily simple definition of choice.

Includes the following recordings:

  1. What Is Reality?
  2. Why Do You Think That’s All There Is?

  3. Stop Defining It
  4. How Many Times Must We Say It?
  5. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
  6. Are You Getting Tired Of Repetition?
  7. Why Do You Keep Insisting On It?
  8. There You Go Again
  9. One More Time
  10. How Many Times Do You Have To Hear It?
  11. Once Again, Once Again
  12. Please Understand The Movement
  13. Give Yourself The Freedom Of Choice
  14. You Keep Talking But You Don’t Choose
  15. Let’s Explore What Choice Really Is
  16. Now Do You See The Next Movement?
  17. Everything That You Are Is Spirit
  18. Though Incarnated, You Still Exist
  19. Connect The Physical To The Emotional To The Mental To The Spiritual
  20. All That You Are Is Sufficient

Total listening time: 05:05:00

Change Reality At Will - Series 1363

SKU: 1363-c-22
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