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This will be a workshop on exploring race – the interrelation of it, the psychology of it, and how to move away from the necessity to harm each other.

Session Titles:


1. If We Can’t Look At Ourselves – How Will We Choose?

2. You Are The Mirror To My Soul

3. It Is So Difficult To See What I See

4. Don’t Remind Me Of My Failures

5. It Is Your Fault That I Am Not Different

6. If I Am Less – Does That Make You More?

7. Where Does The Difference Really Lie?

8. Can You Give Us An Opportunity To Change You?

9. Can You Really Be Changed By Anyone Else?

10. Promoting An Understanding And Acceptance Of Each Other

11. Digging Deeper Into The Psychology Of Prejudice

12. Digging Deeper Into The Psychology Of Prejudice – Part 2

13. We Could Go Part 3 – But We Won’t

14. Uncovering The Layers Of Love That Still Exist

15. You Too Can Choose – You Must

16. If I Hold On Will That Stop Me From Changing?

17. What Is The Inevitability Here?

18. Disguising The Fear Of Something Else – Will That Work?

19. You Can Provide Sustenance – But You Must Choose Nourishment

20. Give Me A Break – Will Any Of This Work?


Total listening time: 11:01:00

Can We Resolve The Issues Facing Race – Series 913

SKU: 913-c-13
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