Experience the 2011 Annual Retreat.

The exploration is a deepening and broadening of awareness beyond 3rd-dimensional reality. Be in the room as guides audience members to take steps towards understanding and creating what they want. Join them as they realize when they are choosing from their realness and when they are deluding themselves to choose from ego and personality.

Participants review: The focus of the retreat was getting real. The real that is being talked about is the part of you that chooses to take steps towards whatever you want - not the mind's idea of choosing. During the retreat, explains some of the limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding us in a limited existence and points out when the participants are choosing from the realness and when they are choosing from the made-up personality. 

Includes the following recordings:

1. Setting The Tone For The Exploration
2. Expanding The Interaction Once Again
3. Choosing Beyond The Choice Perceivedrn
4. Letting Go Of Necessities
5. Preparing The Creation Of Choice
6. Observing The Movement - Very Important
7. Broadening The Bayern
8. Creating The History Necessary
9. Exercises Once Again
10. Lets Explore - Lets Discussion
11. Going Beyond Words
12. Finding The Journey
13. You Are The Choice
14. Creating An Ending
15. Unshackling The Limits
16. Deepening Exercises
17. Breathing Life Into Concepts
18. Review Of All That Has Been Done So Farren
19. Physical Manifestation Of Limiting Choices - An Exploration
20. Getting Naked
21. Presenting Love From All That We Are
22. Exercises To Expand The Lovern
23. Breath And Movement Communicating
24. You Have Arrived
25. Just Kidding
26. Letting Go Of All Attempts
27. Using Command To Existing
28. More Exercises Once Again
29. More Exercises: Part 2rn
30. Feeling The Density Lift
31. Bright Light, Clear Choice
32. Connecting All Parts Together
33. Final Opportunity To Exercise Again


Total listening time: 026:24:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

Broadening The Self - July 2011

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