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Complete collection of the 2011 Tuesday study group entitled, “Brilliance Practiced Without Fear.”

This will be an exploration of applying all that you have learned this year into practicality next year and marrying it with the concepts that will move you into the following year. Concepts of love, concepts of ambition, concepts of dreams, concepts of appreciation, concepts of abundance. All of those. How’s that? - The Wonders

Includes the following recordings:


January - 1. A Review Of Where You Are
February - 2. Your Choice To Express Yourself
March - 3. Don’t Ask Us - It’s Time For You To Choose
April - 4. What Have You Left Behind?
May - 5. What Are The Alternatives In Front Of You?
June - 6. Can’t You Choose One More Time?
July - 7. Opening The Doorway To The Dream Of Brilliance
August - 8. Exploring The Final Dream Of Yourselves
September - 9. That Was Difficult – Let’s Make It Easier
October - 10. Could You Try One More Time? Cha-Ching
November - 11. Preparing For The Movement That Is To Come
December - 12. Living Life To The Fullest - What A Rush

Brilliance Practiced Without Fear - Study Group 813

SKU: 813-c-11
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