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In life, you use judgment as a way of defining your successes and failures. In this series, The Wonders help you realize that there is a new way of exploring existence. One where judgment is not paramount but rather where all experience is viewed as a degree of benefit. Finally, The Wonders take you into a realization that even degrees of benefit are judgments and that you can let go of that as well. 

Includes the following recordings:


1. Three Marbles, Need Ten, What Do I Do?
This session begins a discussion on judgment and how we apply it in our lives. A new paradigm of existence based on benefit and choice is introduced.


2. Winning At All Cost
This is a further exploration of judgment and justification, and the new paradigm is explored in more detail.


3. This Is Good, But This Is Better
More exploration of judgment in order to understand how much we apply it in our lives.


4. Good, Better, Best, Is There Any Difference
This is all about judgment and justification again. The Wonders explore this subject in order to move us to the next paradigm of existence.


5. No More Measurement
The Wonders explain in great detail a new paradigm of existence in which choice is viewed as a benefit, existence is a benefit, and freedom to choose expands existence.


6. Were Done, Throw Out Your Rulers
In this audiotape, The Wonders emphasize that we must choose to change our lives. They also give two meditations to facilitate this process.


Total listening time: 6:14:00

Please note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Beyond The Degrees Of Benefit - Series 174

SKU: 174-c-99
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