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A workshop on moving past the psychologies, belief structures, and limits you've imposed on yourself and exploring why you seem to not be able to do so.


Includes the following recordings:

1. Let's Move A Little Further

2. Beyond The Known Into The Unknown

3. Defining The Self In Relation To

4. Giving All That You Have

5. Describe Your Choices

6. Move A Little Further - Go Past

7. You, Too, Can Accomplish This. Why Not Now?

8. Creating Love With More

9. Choosing Beyond That Which You've Chosen

10. Next Step, Next Step

11. This Is Not A Twelve-Step Program. Choose Now

12. Addicted To Your Choices

13. Letting Go Of The Mind, Moving Into The Self

14. Given Expansion, Where Do You Move From There?

15. Describe Your Feelings

16. Go Deeper - Describe More

17. What Have You Discovered So Far?

18. Given Brilliance, What's Your Next Step?

19. Let's Believe In Yourself A Little More

20. Setting The Pace For The Next One


Total listening time: 5:27:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Being Taken In Limitless Directions - Series 1003

SKU: 1003-c-15
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