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Everyone has a different definition of what it is to play. Yet what is play really?
In this series, The Wonders guide you to realize that play is really that which allows movement without any form of judgment involved. The more judgment you remove, the more you'll find yourself playful. In other words, free to choose.

Includes the following recordings:

1. First, Let's Explore What Play Really Is
2. Finding Out If You Are Capable Of Playing
3. Look Around
4. Where Is The Playfulness In All That Exists Around You?
5. Let's Play Pool With Planets
6. And You Thought Thunder Was Just A Scientific Phenomena
7. The Gods Have Come Together
8. The Interrelationship Of Concepts And Constructs
9. What Can You Learn If You But Tried?
10. Let's Expand The Mind A Little Bit Right Now
11. Well Now That You've Expanded, What's Next?
12. Arrogance Stops You From Learning
13. If You Understand The Consciousness Of Reality
14. Then You Will Understand The Consciousness Of Humanity
15. And Therefore Your Own Consciousness
16. Let's Explore On Another Tangent
17. Though We Give You The World
18. You Are Prepared To Accept Only A Part Of It
19. Of What Benefit Is Spiritual Exploration
20. If You Cannot And Are Not Willing To Go Beyond Yourself

Total listening time: 5:40:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Being Conscious Of The Universe At Play - Series 1099

SKU: 1099-c-17
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