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This workshop explores practical applications of command in daily life as well as what it means to be in charge of your life rather than letting your mind be in charge of your life.

This is a workshop on basically your mind, your relationship to your mind, your mind's relationship to you, the extent to which you've applied yourself, the extent to which you let it go, and really, overall, a little bit of fun exploration.


Includes the following recordings:
1. Just Who Am I?
2. Why Do I See Myself?
3. I Am Sufficient?
4. Where Does Ego Apply To Definition Of Self?
5. Creating A New Understanding Of Yourself
6. Exploring Through Questions This Understanding
7. Gain For Yourself More
8. Why Is This So Difficult?
9. What About Your Understandings Don't You Understand?
10. The Choice Is Easy, The Justification Is Not
11. Oh Dear, What Have You Done?
12. Wow, I've Done That?
13. And I Thought I Wasnt
14. Wasnt What?
15. For You To Find Out And For Me To Know
16. Becoming And Yet Not Becoming
17. This, Too, Is So Easy And So Hard
18. Quit Repeating The Same Mantra
19. Repetition Has Benefits, But Not Always
20. Reawakening To the Real Self
Total listening time: 6:59:00

Please Note: No refunds provided once purchase is made.

Awakening To The Realization Of The Self - Series 1270

SKU: 1270-c-21
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