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This will be an exploration of fear.


Session Titles:


1. Fear Factor Triple X - XXX

2. Let’s Increase The Intensity

3. The Volume Does Not Equate Intensity

4. But The Louder I Am The More I Fear

5. Softly – Softly – Won’t Make A Difference

6. Give It Time – You’ll Figure It Out

7. More Fear – Let’s Explore

8. Let’s Try A New Tact

9. But I Don’t Want A New Tact

10. Resistance Is Futile – So It Says

11. Ah – Is Resistance The Fear – Or Resistance The Not Fear?

12. Can’t Make Up My Mind – Why Should I Choose?

13. The Reason I Come To You Is For You To Choose

14. Give It All That You Have – Go Ahead

15. Drill Deeper – You Still Won’t Get Anywhere

16. How Else Do You Get To The Core?

17. It Isn’t The Core Where Fear Resides

18. Ah - A New Understanding

19. Exploration Of This New Understanding

20. I’m Done – Exhausted – I’m Too Afraid – Let’s Go


Total listening time: 11:01:00

Are You Afraid Enough Yet - Series 961

SKU: 961-c-14
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