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This series is an exploration of various parts and aspects of your society in regards to morality and the intricacies, the interconnections, the complications of it; and how it affects each and every one of you.


You will be provided a new direction that society can eventually shift itself to if it chooses. Individuals can shift themselves to now, if they choose, in order to create for themselves, a new way of life.

Session Titles:


1. Just What Are Morals?

2. Exploring Society's Needs

3. Exploring The Individual's Needs

4. Digging Into The Morality Of Choice

5. Religious Morality And Its Application To Society

6. Sexual Morality And Its Application To Society

7. Power Morality And Its Application To Society

8. Money And Its Morality

9. Reconfiguring The Moralities Of Society

10. Opening Up To New Possibilities

11. Our Gift To You - Are You Willing?

12. Don't Fear Freedom - Rather Choose It

13. Freedom And Its Effect On Moralities

14. What If Society Had No Compass?

15. Redefining The Need For Choice

16. Choosing A New Direction For All Who Want To Expand

17. A Deeper Exploration Of This New Direction

18. Finding The Illusions That Stop You From Choice

19. Creating A Whole New Way Of Living – This Is The New Morality

20. To Go Where No Morals Exist - What Does That Mean?


Total listening time: 08:28:00

An Exploration Of The Need For Morality - Series 785

SKU: 785-c-11
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