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This series is an exploration of energy and how it applies to existence and the interaction of that energy to the existence, to movement, to choice, with practical application to expand your lives, such that you begin to truly change the patterns and the habits you have within you.


Session Titles:


1. The Energetic Value Of The Self

2. Exploring Into The Past

3. Using The Energy To Move Forward

4. Reframing The Mind's Concepts

5. Choice – Movement – Expansion – Commonality

6. Giving The Self Necessary Energy

7. Sexual Energy Used Lovingly

8. Interaction Of The Self With Others

9. Digging Deeper Beyond Anything Previously Imagined

10. Creating An Existence Based On Energy

11. Observing Movement And Flow

12. Choice To Existence And Movement

13. Let The Mind Quiet Itself

14. Creating Confusion Within Energy

15. Why Did We Choose This?

16. You Can Expand – You Can Grow – Your Choice

17. Brilliantly Live Life – An Exploration

18. Discussing The Limitations Of Energy

19. Why Are You Holding Back?

20. Let's Jump To The Next Level


Total listening time: 11:59:00

An Exploration Of The Limitless Possibility Of Energy - Series 855

SKU: 855-c-12
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