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This series guides you to a different exploration beyond just the conscious, choosing to shift your illusion of consciousness. You are guided to an understanding, a deeper broadening of yourselves. If you choose, you can take this exploration much deeper and broader. The exploration of choosing to shift yourselves dramatically.


The Wonders have suggested that those choosing to attend the April/09 retreat entitled Choosing Freely Consciously or choosing to purchase the series itself when available, avail themselves of this series first.

Contains the following recordings:


1. Defining Inner

2. Let’s Jump Right In

3. Uncovering The Psychologies Of Self Destruction

4. Exploring Further The Same Psychologies

5. Tears Will Role Here

6. Exploring The Illusions You Hold So Dearly

7. Bringing To The Oneness All That You Are

8. Choosing The Depth Of Exploration

9. Exploring The Games You’re Playing Right Now

10. Do You Really Want To Choose?

11. Fearing The Choice. Let’s Kill It

12. Transitioning To A New Concept Of Existence

13. Understanding Choice And Its Freedoms

14. Being Guided

15. Opening To The Possibilities Of Existence

16. Are You Ready To Jump?

17. Exploring Infinity And Its Effects On The Now

18. This Is Now The Time To Choose


Total listening time: 09:17:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

An Exploration Of The Inner Self - Series 654

SKU: 654-c-09
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