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Existence is not what you think it is. In reality, it is quite different. In this series, recorded during the 2001 Monday Study Group, you will explore a number of incongruities, from hierarchies such as God and the Devil, right and wrong, to magic. You will discover what the answer is to your questions, and the fear of lack that permeates all individuals.

Includes the following recordings:


1. As Above So Is Below - Is This For Real
We examine Hierarchies - God and the Devil, rich and poor - and why we have them.


2. Just Who Created This
Here, we explore mankind's belief in God. 


3. If All The Answers Are Within - Why Is There So Much Outside? 
The group is led to find that all the answers are; they just are. 


4. Magic, Life's Little Gift
Magic offers the possibilities of limitlessness in our existence. Magic is an illusion and we are all magicians. 


5. Money And Ducks - What Do They Have In Common? 
The group explores the fear of lack. 


6. If I'm So Brilliant How Come I'm Not Rich? 
We explore why people define themselves by wealth.


Total listening time: 05:35:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

An Exploration Of The Incongruities Of Existence - Series 294

SKU: 294-c-01
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