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This series will explore, to whatever degree you choose, the depth of group consciousness and how to move from a consciousness of separation, to a consciousness of group.

This series contains the following recordings:

1. Defining Group Consciousness

2. Exploring The Movement Within

3. Digging Deeper

4. So You Think You Gave It - Guess What?

5. How Did You Get There?

6. What’s Yours Is Mine - What’s Mine I Don’t Know

7. Playfully Exploring - Using Practical Examples

8. Choosing To Move Outside Of The Limitations Of Separation

9. Creating A Consciousness That Allows Group

10. This Is The Key - The Door Is Coming Next

Total listening time: 06:49:00


Please Note: No refunds provided once series is purchased.

An Exploration Of The Group Consciousness Perspective - Series 665

SKU: 665-c-09
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