This series is a complete exploration of the whole concept of God, Goddess, The All That Is in all of its glory and will finally move you into the final session into the healing of that which The Wonders are. The Wonders present themselves in their full glory at the final session.

Series contains the following recordings:


1. Reviewing The Psychology Behind God

2. Exploring The Need For The God Essence

3. Defining God In Life

4. Opening Gods Box - Watch Out

5. Reexamining The Principles By Which God Lives

6. Moving Into The Real God Essence Of Existence

7. What Is The God Principle?

8. Application Of God To Life Itself

9. Damn - He's A She

10. Removing All Judgment From The God Essence

11. We Are That Which You Seek

12. Share With Us Who We Are


Total listening time: 05:56:00

An Exploration Of The God Principle - Series 677

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